Technology for PD

Technology has quickly changed many aspects of our lives over the past few decades. One of the concepts in which technology is used in PD treatment is cueing.  Cueing the brain with an auditory cue or a visual cue can help patients reduce their symptoms, especially freezing episodes and shuffling gait.

Other types of technology used in managing PD include smartphone applications that range from simple medication reminders to logging and accurately reporting your symptoms to your healthcare team.


Smartphone Apps

Many of the apps available for people with PD are free of charge.  Check your app store for the following smartphones and tablets applications:

PD Life – FREE

“PD Life is the first app assisting Parkinson’s patients and caregivers with real-time management of the disease.”  PD Life is brought to you by the Parkinson Association of the Rockies.

PD News – FREE

“Get up to speed with all of the latest developments in Parkinson’s disease from the most reputable sources: The USA National Institute of Health, Michael J. Fox Foundation, Health Topix, USA Northwestern Parkinson’s Foundation and the National Parkinson Foundation…”

NPF PD Toolkit – FREE Apple/Droid

“The National Parkinson Foundation has created the Parkinson’s Toolkit. The Parkinson’s Toolkit is the authoritative clinical practical guide for treating Parkinson’s disease. This application includes everything a physician needs to know about treating Parkinson’s.”

LiftLabs LiftPulse – FREE Apple/Droid

“LiftPulse is a sophisticated app that can measure your tremor using the sensors in your smart phone.  You can use LiftPulse to track your tremor every day, and it is currently free! This app is particularly useful for Essential Tremor or Parkinson’s disease.”

LiftLabs LiftStride – FREE Apple/Droid

“People with Parkinson’s disease have found our app to be helpful when walking.  You can choose and adjust a steady beat over your Bluetooth headset to discreetly help prevent shuffling and keep a steady pace.”


Gait Training with Progressive External Auditory Cueing

Cueing training in the home improves gait-related mobility in Parkinson’s disease: the RESCUE trial