Group Of Young And Senior Couples Enjoying Family Meal

Spending time with family and friends is an important part of life.  You may have to travel for holidays or big family events, such as a wedding or graduation, or you may need to travel for business or just take a vacation.  Whether it’s for business or pleasure, traveling with PD can present some obstacles.  Traveling will be more enjoyable if you anticipate some of these hurdles.

Carefully planning ahead of time will certainly help avoid some travel pitfalls.  Be sure to remember the extra time and energy at the beginning and end of a trip.  If you know when you typically have “on” time, try to book travel during the best time of day for you. For example, it would not be wise to schedule a 9 AM flight, if your ‘on’ time isn’t until 9 AM. Getting to the airport and checking into your flight would be difficult before your ‘on’ time.

Inquire about special assistance and special parking as you make reservations for your trip. When you make a request for special assistance repeat your specific needs several times.   Be sure to leave plenty of time between events/reservations.  Don’t over plan your activities.

Taking medications on time is important, but it’s easy to get off track when you’re not on your normal routine.  Use an alarm or medication log to help keep track.  Be sure to take a list of your medications along and always take more medication with you than needed to be on the safe side.

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