Prescription Assistance Programs (PAP)

Prescip AssistancePrescription Assistance Programs (PAP) are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, state programs, and local community nonprofits.  These programs help provide free or discounted medications for qualified patients who are without insurance or drug coverage. Ask your doctor, social worker, nurse, or pharmacist about current assistance programs for your prescribed medications. The best way to find a Prescription Assistance Program is to contact the pharmaceutical company directly. Find your medication and pharmaceutical contact information below.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for from the drug company directly, or you prefer to check several medications at once, there are organizations available to assist you.  If you have Medicare, call your NC SHIIP or SC SHIP counselor for specific information on your prescription drug coverage.  RxOutreach is a nonprofit charitable organization providing affordable medications for people in need.  Local nonprofits that may be able to help include NC MedAssist in North Carolina, or Needy Meds in South Carolina. Other resources offer information on all current Prescription Assistance Programs, including copayment programs and savings cards. Organizations like these, such as, the RxAssist- Patient Assistance Program Center, Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPARX (888-277-2669), or Together Rx Access® (1-800-444-4106) can connect you with resources regarding your additional coverage options and more.

Pharmaceutical Companies


Sinemet, Sinemet CR – Bristol Myers Squibb – 1-800-736-0003

Stalevo – Novartis – 1-800-277-2254

Dopamine Agonists

Apokyn- USWorldMeds – 1-877-727-6569

Mirapex & MirapexER- Boehringer Ingelheim- 1-800-556-8317

Requip & RequipXL – GlaxoSmithKline – 1-866-728-4368

Neupro -UCB – 1-855-841-0263

COMT Inhibitors

Comtan – Novartis – 1-800-277-2254

Tasmar – 1-800-548-5100

MAO-B Inhibitors

Azilect /


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