Financial Assistance

Senior man checking home financesManaging finances throughout any disease can be difficult. Extra costs can add up quickly with copays, extra therapies, and travel expenses to see specialists. If you need help, you are not alone.  For financial assistance, contact your local Area Agency on Aging, visit the Melvin Weinstein Parkinson’s Foundation or The Assistance Fund website to apply for financial help.  Your local Area Agency on Aging can suggest federal or local financial assistance programs available.

You may also determine your eligibility for government benefits at or visit PAC’s additional resources for more helpful sites. The Melvin Weinstein Parkinson’s Foundation (MWPF) purchases equipment and supplies necessary for Parkinson’s patients to sustain a safe and healthy environment and preserve their self-esteem and dignity.  The Assistance Fund is a nonprofit organization which provides critically or chronically ill individuals with access to advanced therapies through a continuum of services and programs, including education and financial aid.  Contact The Assistance Fund at or 1-855-845-3663. Also consider the information on our Prescription Assistance Programs page.